It started with a kiss

Ok, so not really - but wouldn't a romantic note be a good way to kick off this blog? Sadly my life is a little devoid in that department at the moment, although I do have something of a phantom crush...

I'm sure I'll elaborate on that at a later date (I might even let you know what a phantom crush actually is as, given friends' reactions suggest I must have coined the phrase myself without realising) but for now I'll refrain from allowing you into the realms of all my crazy, just quite yet.  

Anyway, I digress. This is really just a quick post to say hi, bonjour, willkommen, etc to My new blog. Beady-eyed twitter followers may recognise it from many years back, circa 2011 - and I admit this is in fact Lunndon Girl's reincarnation - but this time around I promise you that while she/me are most certainly older, I can't say that means future posts will necessarily be any wiser. This blog will reveal the same tall stories, romantic shenanigans and random tales its predecessor did: although this time I have more time to devote to it. (I've recently turned freelance, after 9-5 killed my namesake the first time round.) Now all fate has to do is throw a few dramas my way, but if my life to date is anything to go by, I'm not worried about lack of inspiration...

So for those who aren't familiar, what can you expect? Well, let's put it this way: my friends think all the crazy things that happen to me must be for a reason, (maybe material for a book?) such is my reputation for attracting more than my fair share of drama. I freelanced at a premium fashion company a couple of months ago, and within two days my new colleagues told me that they had never met anyone like me... and this despite the fact I was new, and therefore trying to stay on my best behaviour. 

I'm not sure why, but apparently I'm a little different. Things seem just seem to happen to me. But even when they don't, apparently the way my mind works is a little different too. A friend recently bought me a card that said on the front  "Everyone is normal, until you get to know them." Inside she wrote, "Not you, you seem delightfully strange." I loved her for it. After all, in the words of Kristin Scott Thomas (see Four Weddings and a Funeral), why be dull?

From sleep paralysis at night to lovesick stalkers in the day, murder suspect boyfriends (there is a sensible story behind this statement, I promise I'm no Fearne McCann) to toothless holidays and buying the wrong flat, so much comes my way - and I swear I don't ask for any of it. 

My parents would probably beg to differ. Mother Dearest thinks that if I stayed home more, dressed like Kate Middleton and found a 'nice boy', calm would reign supreme, but whoever felt the earth move with a nice boy? I think that's her point though - she'd like it if my earth moved a little less, as inevitably my antics end up shakings hers. 

Going forward, I hope to treat this blog as my diary. I've simplified it from recent forms, making it more about the words and less about pictures. I love imagery - I sometimes moonlight as a stylist and nothing goes on my instagram unless it's beautifully shot - but I want my blog to be a way I can sit on the tube and effortlessly document my day so far, rather than having to make mental notes as I go and then formally write it up later.

For a while... I guess I'll add posts that give you a bit of history, telling tales of note from times/dramas gone by; just to give you a little context. Once you're up to speed, it will just be the fluid diary of me - a Lunn-named girl in London.

And while I hope it never ends, there will certainly be a tale or two with a kiss.  


Little flat of horrors