Hi, I'm Elizabeth, a freelance writer who's apparently a mixture of Carrie Bradshaw, Ally McBeal and Greta Garbo. Personality-wise I've been compared to all three, so let's just go with it...

For a living I write predominantly about fashion and lifestyle-related topics - and sometimes anything else that pays the bills. After several years heading up editorial for big name brands, I took the leap to turn freelance; today I split my time between creating copy for designer names, working with small businesses, or even contributing a feature or two to magazines.

If you're looking for a sparkly TOV to shape up your brand, I can help. Often I find that people know exactly what they want to say, they just can't put it into words - a problem I don't tend to face (as much as I'm sure family and friends at times wish I did). I've been known to turn my hand to anything from editorial content to blog posts, brand campaigns to emails, product copy and lookbooks. I've been employed consistently for ten years, so I think that's testimony I've got this word-malarky nailed. But don't just take my word for it. Visit my 'Praise for LG' section instead.

In addition to the day job, I also blog about anything that takes my fancy, typically with a glass of wine in hand. True story: I'm repeatedly told by friends that they don't understand how so many things can happen to one person, so I've decided it's fate's way of giving me something to write about. Don't they say everything happens for a reason? Pop over to the blog and you'll see what they mean.

So that's it - welcome to my website. Home to my portfolio (where I showcase my working girl credentials), as well as my column-style blog. I hope you enjoy perusing the portfolio and following the life, loves and (occasional) lusts of this Lunn-named girl in London.